Handmade Cookie Cutters

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Carmichael does custom work like handmade cookie cutters.

One of our customers sells decorated baked goodies like cookie and cake. She also teaches cookie and cake decorating classes. She wanted some handmade cookie cutters made by a local artisan to use for her holiday classes. Her customers could buy holiday cookies from any number of retail stores, but they’d rather pay her to help with making their own. That’s because they care enough about their friends and family to take the time to do something special. Carmichael got involved by making the cookie cutters shown below with the patterns she provided. We formed them by hand using food grade stainless steel and spot welded the ends .

Custom Made Cookie Cutters

Let Carmichael help when you want custom metalwork.

Carmichael does custom metalwork like the handmade cookie cutters shown above all the time. We do “one-of-a-kind” projects that many other shops are not willing to do. Carmichael can take care of the design work if you provide a good description and a few details for what you need. To discuss what you have in mind, call us at 330-402-2900, or send an email.


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