Handmade Cookie Cutters

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Carmichael does custom work like handmade cookie cutters. One of our customers sells decorated baked goodies like cookie and cake. She also teaches cookie and cake decorating classes. She wanted some handmade cookie cutters made by a local artisan to … Continued

Carmichael’s Online Store Goes Live

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We’re pleased to announce that Carmichael’s Online Store has just launched. We’ll be continually adding new items, so visit us now and again to see what’s changed. Carl & Mike developed the store, and it’s located on Carmichael’s own secure website, so … Continued

New Product – Bottle Openers

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With summer quickly approaching we know there will be lots of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. A bottle opener is always handy at any picnic. With these openers you will always be prepared. They are compact, durable, and can … Continued

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